For several years Superwave Group has been producing memory cards for leading companies of Europe and the world for its further selling on the territory of Russia.

Microchips for SD and microSD cards are being cut from special plates with chips with use of professional equipment, pass full diagnostics; after that they are being printed with logo in tampography workshop and then the products are being packed into the final retail packaging.

Packaging is being produced in Superwave Group printing house. Superwave group has a confirmation of high quality and environmental compatibility of production. 

At request we can put on cards any software or content. For this purpose we use programming units that can simultaneously write data on more than 200 memory cards.

Superwave Group work with Transсend, Kingston, Leef, Emtec, A-DATA and many other companies as premier distributors of their products on Russian market.

Overall performance of our workshop is more than10 million memory cards per year.

Advantages of collaboration with the Superwave Group

  • Due to many years of experience we gathered professional team.
  • Fluid approach to customer's requirements.
  • Short terms of production because of 3 shifts possibility of workshop.
  • Together with printing service provided by our digital printing office we are almost unique on Russian market as we have comprehensive approach for production of memory: from production of modules to packaging.
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