Superwave Group Distribution Department has been successfully supplying the Russian market with equipment from leading manufacturers more than 20 years.

Individual attention to each client, transparency of dealings in all the stages of operations, effective management of commodity stock that helps to keep in stock popular and products of less demand, assistance in preparation of projects, project support, strict adherence to contractual obligations, advice in selection of equipment, financial risk insurance, delivery to end customers - all of this is only a part of a reason why 1 500 partners (many of them with 10-15 years of collaboration) selected the Superwave Group as their supplier.

Reprographic equipment

Over 20 years Superwave Group Company is an official distributor of Xerox, and holds a leading position in the list of partners in terms of sales in Russia. The main product groups are the following:

  1. Office solutions: equipment, expendables and spare parts.
  2. Production solutions: high-performance equipment, expendables and spare parts.
  3. Xerox cartridges for its original laser printers and for printers of other manufacturers.
  4. White paper, value assortment paper, materials for print.

Modules and memory cards

Superwave Group is a distributor of memory cards from leading manufacturers:
Transcend, Kingston, Apacer, Emtec, A-DATA, Leef.

  1. SD cards, microSD cards, SSD and USB drives.
  2. RAM modules (DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4).
  3. Data storage devices of industrial purpose: DOM, SSD, eMMC.

Rugged notebooks and tablets

Superwave Group is an official distributor of Toughbook and Toughpad series, family of rugged laptops and durable tablets produced by Japanese company Panasonic, intended for use in the harshest conditions for electronics with a security level to withstand drops, spills, dust and grime. ​


Superwave Group is the official exclusive distributor of worldwide famous brands Skullcandy, Gear4, Krusell, Puma, Juicies, PQI. We participate in development of new products of our suppliers and create different types of packaging, creating package proposals for our clients. We do supply:

  1. Earphones.
  2. Cases and screen protectors for smart phones and tablets.
  3. Data cables, chargers, cables, mobile device holders.
  4. Accessories for photo for all the federal and regional networks.

   You will like to work with us

  • Large variety of products.
  • B2B ecommerce portal.
  • Support at every step of transaction.
  • Individual attention to each client and transparency of dealings in all the stages of operations.
  • Credit lines, opportunity to load the products with a delay of payments.
  • Informational and marketing support.
  • Free shipping in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
  • Adjusted system of shipping into any region of Russia.
  • Educational workshops and provision of demonstrational equipment for partners.
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