Superwave Group Digital Printing Manufactory is the biggest in the Eastern Europe.

We offer a complete in-house solution from design, printing and finishing which meet the vast majority of our client’s requirements using the best Xerox, Sakurai, Morlock, Kama, CP Bourg, Weldech Machinery.

Digital printing

Digital printing is a possibility to make printed products in small runs and short terms. It is a large choice of different production (from business card to calendar), possibility to use different materials: from polymers to designer's paper, preparation of specimen within half an hour.

Post-printing process

Due to various types of modern equipment of post-printing process we do following works: creasing, cutting, shape cutting, soft stitching with clip and spring, hot-melt adhesive, lamination, varnish, stamping, hot stamping.

Printing products

  • Books, catalogs, magazines.
  • Board games for children and adults, educational cards in the package of cardboard and single-face laminate.
  • Labels for agro industrial enterprises, nursery gardens and greenhouses.
  • Souvenir Playing Cards and Tarot Cards.
  • Promotional products and souvenir gifts.
  • Scratch cards.
  • All types of calendars.

One of the key advantages of the Superwave Group is a package production workshop that offers the following services

  • Package construction development.
  • Sealing of blister pack.
  • Possibility of printing of transient data and QR code.
  • Production of pilot batch of package.
  • Many mock-ups in one run.
  • Die-cutting of any complexity: different boxes, blister pack.
  • Capacity of packaging workshop is up to 70,000 packages per shift.

The Superwave Group for years has been dealing with packaging of products for their customers producing modules and memory cards, telecommunication equipment. Packaging workshop equipped with semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment.

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