Latest achievements of Superwave Group Company

  • Branding of remote controller for Beeline IPTV project.

Coordination of visual and sense meaning of organization is necessary for successful existence of brand.

Superwave Group has been dealing with different types of products personalization since 2013. We do successfully collaborate with such companies as Transcend, Leef, Kingston and others.

Equipment of tampography workshop

  1. Five-color carousel-type machines Morlock MKM 80.3 are adapted for needs of our customers by means of individual development of the rotary tables.
  2. Laser Engraver Cliché Laser TampoPrint which we use to produce cliché for tampon printing process.
  3. UV printer Mimaki UJF3042 with instant cure of inks by UV lamps, it is used for printing on plastic surfaces.

Key advantages of Morlock MKM 80.3
  1. Guarantee of stable high quality of printing on uneven surfaces throughout all press run.
  2. Printing with several inks simultaneously.
  3. Maximum economical inks consumption.
  4. Minimal operational down time of equipment.
  5. Automatic cleaning of tampons from ink residues.
Key advantages of Cliché Laser TampoPrint
  1. A significant time savings: 15 minutes for a cliché production.
  2. Cost cuttings: law price of production.


   Advantages of collaboration with Superwave Group

  • Possibility of monochrome, two-color and full-color printing.
  • We develop mock-ups and jigs and toolings for all types of production for tampography.
  • Our designers quickly prepare mock-ups for printing at request of customer.
  • Workers from tampography workshop were educated by German engineers of Morlock - the manufacturer of tampography equipment.
  • Superwave Group guarantees short terms between idea of branding and its implementation.
  • We put new products into print fast and successfully.
  • More than 1 000 000 print outs per month.
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