Superwave Group Digital Printing House is the manufacture responding to European standards. We produce printed products on a turnkey basis. This allows costumer to get ready-made solution without any cause for concern over the operating cycles.

Equipment system allows to perform all the necessary steps for manufacturing the end products for the client. 

Design department
Printing office
Branding section
Logistics center

Pre-production control and automated processes provide check points at all stages of the manufacturing and remove the possibility of unpredictable result. Modern equipment and highly qualified staff allow to implement the most complex, creative and hi-tech ideas. 

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Core business

Children and adults board games production, studying cards packed in cardboard and micro flute board boxes

 изготовление карточных игризготовление обучающих карточекпечать карточных игрпечать карточных игр

We can produce the following:

  • Playing fields
  • Cards (printing, laminating, UV varnish, top coating for the secret codes)
  • Micro flute board and cardboard boxes
  • Action figures made of transparent plastic
  • Wood and plastic printing
  • Instructions
  • Cardboard chips
  • 3D cardboard figures

Additional game setting with pencils, markers, pens, plastic support stand.

Our advantages:

  • Automated processes allow to manufacture the product of the highest quality;
  • Pre-production control (producing of one sample before printing);
  • Complete package in one order.

Souvenir and Tarot cards

изготовление карт

  • High-performance manufacturing technology eliminates defects and marks after knives jointing;
  • Plastic and cardboard of any density printing;
  • Stock forme for die cutting cards: 63.5x89 mm, 60x100 mm, 73x109 mm;
  • Stock forme for cutting boxes for cards: 44, 60, 78 cards;
  • Design and manufacture of the gift boxes for cards;
  • Shrink wrapping and cellophane with tear-off tape;
  • UV varnishing and laminating.


изготовление карточных игризготовление обучающих карточекпечать карточных игрпечать карточных игр


  • Binding cardboard boxes;
  • Cardboard and construction paper boxes;
  • Binding cardboard boxes with an oblique and die cut lid;
  • Products with headers;
  • Blister package.


  • Creating of packaging design;
  • Optimization of the stock template according to customer’s need;
  • Box cutting of any complexity;
  • Trial batch production;
  • Lots of cardboard cutout in one run;
  • Industrial packaging of high quality;
  • Short print;
  • Packing plant production from 40000 till 70000 items per shift;

Scratch-tickets manufacture

изготовление скретч-карт

Scratch tickets are the cardboard card size 86x54 mm with hidden data. To hide the data a protective layer of the UV paint with the addition of silver (scratch cover) is applied to the card. 

Any figure or code (symbol, bar code or QR) can be hidden. 

Scratch-tickets are widely used as instant-win game tickets or cards for access to the various services. It allows to extend horizons of telecommunication services sale and spread the customer lottery on the spot. 

Scratch cards are made of cardboard or coated paper with UV varnishing or laminating. Form of the scratch cover depends on the design of the card. 

Variable data printing

печать QR-кодапечать штрих-кода   печать концертных билетовпечать бланков

  • Production of print runs containing variable data: names, addresses, figures;
  • Self-stick accountable form printing;
  • Name letters;
  • Postcards;
  • Messages;
  • Notifications;
  • Event or lottery tickets;
  • Possibility of printing variable bar code and QR code).

Average print volume of variable data up to 1000 000 items per day.

Book printing (catalogues, magazines)

  • High quality paperback printing, run up to 1k copies, size up to 1k pages (paper weight – 80g/m);
  • Advance reading copy printing;
  • Books, albums, catalogues and other printing;
  • Glue seamless bonding, brace and spring binding;
  • Design, make-up, proof corrections, assign of ISBN;
  • Hardcover book production;
  • Various data printing in one run;
  • Black-and-white printing with mat toner. This type is perfect for the book and periodic publications printing as it’s the least tiring for eyes;
  • Calculation of the spine thickness on hot meltglue.

Type of package finishing

уф лакировка

  • Partly UV and 3D varnish
  • Self UV varnish
  • Laminating: vandal-proof, glossy, mat, Soft Touch
  • Foil embossing
  • Relief embossing
UV varnish

Makes the end products look more presentable and qualitive.

  • Total cover protects the surface from the scuffing, dust and moisture and makes the product brighter;
  • Partly cover allows to highlight bright and important design elements;
  • 3D varnish creates the same effect as the partly cover but makes the surface more volumetric.

Used to protect the image from the external influences and create the tactile effects.

  • Glossy laminating makes the color rich and bright;
  • Mat laminating eliminates glare and looks more respectable;
  • Soft Touch is used in luxury packaging for a velvet tactile effect;
  • Vandal-proof mat laminating is used to protect the mat packaging with dark design. If a customer is looking for a premium mat dark packaging, this laminating type suits perfectly.
  • Foil embossing is the metal coating on the print: gold, silver, etc.;
  • Relief embossing creates a certain relief that makes the product looks elegant and highlights design elements that require a tactile sensation.

Extra options:

  • Prepress files;
  • Post-printing processing of the manufactured products: (joint forming, creasing, curly cutting, binding, thermal bonding, etc.);
  • Delivery of the completed order to the customer.


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