Through the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, we help to quickly and accurately search for missing people in hard-to-reach places: in mountains and forests, in areas where it’s difficult to get through due to fallen trees due to hurricanes and other terrible weather conditions.

In 2022, we began developing our own solutions that fully meet all the needs of search teams in rescue work.

We managed to create such a kit with a quadcopter that provides up to 3 hours of flight. The weight of the entire set is about 1.8 kg, the weight of the aircraft body is 249 g. The small dimensions and light weight of the equipment facilitate complex rescue operations.

Superwave Group supports and participates in important social initiatives. At the beginning of 2023, the company began partnership with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other public organizations for the supply of quadrocopters to help in rescue operations to search  for missing people. According to statistics, up to 180,000 people go missing in Russia every year, and up to 40,000 remain missing.

Here are some quick facts about the missing people problem
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