Logistics policy of Superwave Group Company is set up in accordance with the requirements of our partners. There is an A class warehouse and production area up to 10,000 m2 with the working height of 9 m.

11 loading and unloading docks with independent entrances render the possibility of a simultaneous shipment of the goods and provision of services to a large number of clients.
There is a three-floored building with offices and warehouse area, one-floor building with production area and canteen, a house with a transport service and medical office.

   Advantages of logistics of the Superwave Group

  • Own warehouse in Saint Petersburg.
  • Own car park in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
  • Own warehouse in Moscow — a distribution center of cargo flows for transportation throughout Russia.
  • Free delivery in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.
  • Development of new delivery routes with our own transport.
  • For the convenience of our partners and for timely delivery in Moscow and over the country we conduct a daily transit of cargo from Saint Petersburg to Moscow.
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